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  1. Total Fusion
  2. Requesting a review of new exercise material
  3. Strong Bear scrunchies
  4. Customer Service Answers Your Questions
  5. Original FitPrimes
  6. Let's suppose you wanna get in the best shape of your life...
  7. Thin but "soft" what would you do
  8. Rotation Calendar
  9. What's the difference between FitPrime & KickButt?
  10. Is this a good rotation?
  11. Knee-sparing moves
  12. Equipment for FP Video...purple square
  13. What can I do about a rotator cuff problem?
  14. Video classification?
  15. Workout safety question
  16. Are these workouts safe for pregnant women?
  17. question on a yoga move
  18. Suppinating (sp?) wrists/Weighted ab work
  19. Attn Team WHFN - How Are You Determining the Workout Descriptions?
  20. Subbing medicine ball for yoga block?
  21. Weights on shoulders or in hands?
  22. Ab move in Metaboost
  23. Flexposture Q - "Hold the block under your glutes?"
  24. this isn't really a workout questions but...
  25. Yoga Block Size?
  26. "Rest" days
  27. Help me make my slugs into clams
  28. where do I buy a tall step
  29. About "Flex Posture"
  30. question for Heidi Tanner about ABB
  31. Old Firm Fan
  32. Calories
  33. Floor Burn vs. Lower Body Burn
  34. Question about Heel Strikes
  35. Looking for help
  36. 2 different set
  37. Question about bridges
  38. Ankle Weights
  39. How do you make yourself exercise daily
  40. how high is high
  41. Is the stick weighted?
  42. need some spot training advice PLEASE
  43. hurt knee
  44. Periodization
  45. stymied by push-ups
  46. What size yoga blocks?
  47. equipment needed for both systems
  48. Are these workouts tough enough?
  49. fitprime vs kickbutt
  50. Experience Running Barefoot Or Wearing A Nike Free Type Shoe?
  51. need Plie Help
  52. Sara Ivanhoe's 20 Min. Yoga Makeover ?
  53. How to fit the WHFN with the Firm?
  54. Questions about Floor Burn
  55. Question about the Goddess
  56. Hi! and question about curtsy dips
  57. 8 workout moves to ditch from August issue of Prevention Magazine
  58. target heart rate
  59. Question about push-ups
  60. Waiting for My New FitPrime Tapes
  61. Postpartum mom - which to purchase???
  62. Should we push throught the "pain"?
  63. callanetics
  64. Will someone just please tell us...
  65. periodization routine?
  66. Flex Posture
  67. Kickbutt
  68. metabolism decrease
  69. Form question from Strong Bear
  70. Chest work change bra size??
  71. New to FitPrime
  72. Building Muscle
  73. the med balls in the originals?
  74. Have a question about clams
  75. The question from a new user
  76. Original FitPrime's vs. 12 WHFN of 2005
  77. need modification
  78. Estimated Calories per Workout
  79. smart balls substitute?
  80. member benefits
  81. Can I preorder 1 title?
  82. Help working out with bone spurs?
  83. Tortoise and Hare Question
  84. Upper Body Split DVD
  85. one workout one exercise
  86. Do I have all of the workouts list? Part 1
  87. Do I have all the workouts listed Part 2
  88. Do I have them all listed? Part 3
  89. Do have all the workouts listed? oops forgot what part...
  90. sale price?
  91. Kickbutt Help