View Full Version : See it in 6-- no because I wasnt paying attention!

April 6th, 2005, 05:03 AM
I got up to walk the dog this morning with my nightgown and uggs..
I have a mirror sitting on the floor and caught a glimpse of my legs and OH LORD I have inner thigh definition without HEELS!


April 6th, 2005, 04:21 PM
Wow! Don't you LOVE new muscle definition? You go girl.

I love these videos, too. Aren't they wonderful? And beautiful??? OMG. :D

April 10th, 2005, 06:39 AM
Now I can't wait to get the rest of mine. They should be here this week. Can't get here soon enough for me!

April 15th, 2005, 06:54 AM
I'm seeing a difference in my core. Knowing these workouts make you engage your core more often is wonderful, b/c I hate ab work. Anna has put it in, in such a way that makes you work it without always knowing. I'm sitting here typing and can feel how hard my core worked today. Very nice and no dread factor. (what a spoiled brat, I am). :rolleyes:

April 19th, 2005, 12:43 PM
I just wanted to add today, that I have now gone down a notch on my belt loop. I promised myself that I wouldn't weigh or measure for 6 weeks from the day I started journaling again, so I have about 5 weeks to go. (Even though I started WHFN WO 2 weeks ago). I want to be able to concentrate on my food intake and my workouts and not obsess over the scale/numbers.

I know I'm doing well and that's all that matters right now. I have it marked on my calender for a 6 week report. But until then, I've report what ever comes up during that time that noticeable. :D

April 19th, 2005, 01:30 PM
Tina, that's wonderful progress!!!! :D

My lower body is responding very well to my FPs, KBs, and the other workouts I've rotated in.

April 19th, 2005, 01:32 PM
Tina, i just wanted to say that I am proud of you! keep on doing what you have set out to do and you will accomplish all that you have visualized in your mind. I am looking forward to hearing your results at the end of the six weeks. I will be posting mine in about a week. It will be a month of doing the kickbutt and Fitprime workouts exclusively and I want to give measurements and weight as well as the overall feeling I have about my mind and body.

Gotta love these workouts :D