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Why Core, Weights, Cardio and Yoga FUSION?
As The Firm's Founders, we know weight training combined with aerobics gives superior results. Now, we've seen the flexibility, core strength and posture benefits that come from Yoga and Pilates. Fusion creates an efficient workout that produces greater training effects than any one of these exercise disciplines alone.

Why should I change my approach to exercise with age?
Every body needs a combination of cardio and weight training to be fit. Under 35, you can tolerate a higher heart rate. But when you're over 35, you need a workout that improves your strength and flexibility. You need to build muscle to boost metabolism and reverse age-related muscle loss. And you need cardio without the joint stress.

How does cross training benefit me?
Cross training prevents injury that stems from overuse. It also creates

Will weight training give women big muscles?
Women don't have the same testosterone levels as men, so they don't build

Why doesn't dieting alone work?
Diets cause you to lose both muscle and fat. But if you regain the weight, you gain back only fat. That drives your metabolism down, because pound for pound, muscle burns 17 times more calories. And a pound of fat takes up more space too.

How does weight training increase fat loss?
Since a pound of muscle burns 17 times more calories than a pound of fat, if your ratio of muscle to fat changes, so does your metabolism. Medical experts everywhere agree the single most important thing you can do to prevent age-related muscle-loss (and the accompanying middle-aged spread) is lift weights.

How do I start?
In the beginning, don't try to prove anything to anyone

How often should I work out?
Most people workout three to five times a week. It's important to rest and to keep exercise varied. Your body needs both hard and easy workouts. KickButt

What equipment do I need?
You can start without buying anything. Our workouts are designed to work with equipment you already own or items you can substitute from around your house. So if you don't have 3-pound dumbbells, for example, you can substitute two water bottles. Each workout DVD provides a brief equipment list and suggested alternatives.

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