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Default Re: KickButt Crunch Time Reviews

I also did KB Crunch Time today and agree with everything tjc says! Tamela was awesome! Maybe it's just me, but it never looked like Susan was enjoying leading that workout, there was something a little bit sad about her. Tamela is energetic, has lots of great form pointers, and appears to really be having fun.

Many of the exercises have been modified - some were made easier, some more difficult. One of the many things I love about Anna is that the easier moves can always be made harder. I don't think that there's as much upper body work on the KB version and they took out the bit with the stick across your shoulders, which looked so silly but which I really liked and which felt really good. Having said that, I LOVED this workout.

Amazing that the whole thing is only 44 minutes ... it's a lot of bang for your buck!
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