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Default Re: KickButt Crunch Time Reviews

I just got done doing CrunchTime. I do not have the original FitPrimes so cannot compare it to anything. I also am no good at writing detailed reviews so I am just going to give my impressions.

First of all, Tamela is gorgeous. She looks so strong and healthy. One of my favorite FIRM videos was Cardio Burn so I was absolutely thrilled that she was leading WHFN workouts.

The workout starts out with a short warm-up, then some chest flies and pullovers then corework. She does several pilates roll-ups and other pilates moves. The obliques don't really get worked much. She did not seem comfortable in front of the camera at first - some of her expressions were kind of weird. After the corework was done she really loosened up and started having fun.

There were short cardio segments alternated with weighted work. There was a lot of leg work - not a whole lot of upper body work. The cardio was mixed impact and the weighted moves were fun.

There was a section that she called the flying phoenix that I found impossible - it is a balancing move that I simply could not get! I can't wait to master that one.

Another section I found to be a lot of fun was the arabesque/tricep section. It was a one-legged good morning alternating with tricep kickbacks. I really felt that one in my hamstrings.

Overall it was not a killer workout. I don't feel wiped out and totally, thoroughly worked out. What I do feel is energized and happy. It was so great to enjoy working out rather than killing myself!

This is a workout that I will be reaching for often. It was fun, it was short and the different moves and changes kept it interesting. I worked up a good sweat and moved my body for over 40 minutes - what more can I ask for?!

I greatly enjoy Tamela and I hope that she leads more workouts.
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