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Default Re: Do you recall this...TheFIRM Sampler....

I really like the Sampler video. I wish I had learned of the Firm back then. I had Jane Fonda's book and tried to do the routine, but it was so boring! I joined a health club instead.

If I wanted to order these workouts, I would order:
The FIRM Volume 1 ‘Body Sculpting Basics’ with Susan Harris (1986 Release)

The FIRM Volume 2 ‘Low Impact Aerobics’ with Janet Jones (Original 1988 Release)

The FIRM Volume 3 ‘Aerobic Workout with Weights ’ with Sandahl Jones (Original 1989 Release)

The FIRM Volume 4 ‘Time Crunch’ with Susan Harris and Kai Soremekun (1990 Release)

Would these four be a good rotation?

I get so confused by the names of all the different workouts. There are so many that it is overwhelming to me and then I cannot decide what to get.

I do own the Kick***t series.
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