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Default Chest work change bra size??

I really should already know the answer to this question, but sadly... I'm not so sure.

For some reason I pulled out the "fat day" bras I'd stored from 20# ago. I tried one on for grins this evening and found the cup fit fairly well. When I'd stored them 2 years ago, the demi gapped. I am wondering if the upper body work has plumped my pects and increased my cup size (it's really modest 36A to 36B, but still!).

Getting measured at Victoria's Secret (or elsewhere) is no good. They always try to stick me in a 34B or 34C. I suppose the gist of the question is this... stick with what I've been wearing (36A) or pull out the others (36B) and pretend like I have new bras?

Thanks for any argument either way. Brande
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