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Default Re: KickButt Push Pull Reviews

Hi! I'm an old Firmie too; a 'mansion dweller' from the 0ld days

I basicially ignored The Firm after their first infomercial; I continued to buy Anna's tapes though!

To me, the Benson split was bigger than the break-up of AT&T as far as I was concerned!

I'm so glad the collaboration is back. Everything is right in the Universe now. I ordered the Fitprimes yesterday and will get the Kick Butts shortly there after.

I'm soo excited!

mY current workout schedule is:
Sun: Rest
Mon: Tort
Tues: SC
Thurs: SCM
Fri: Rest or light workout ( FLEX POSTURE!)
Sat: Hare

I need something new! I can't wait!

Any substitution ideas?

Based on the reviews, the Fitprimes look like intermediate workouts, which I love and use. The Kick Butts look harder; I will get to them eventually!
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