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Default Re: Where did The Firm go????

I just wanted to say that you women in your 50's and 60's inspire me! I, too, started using the Firm years ago (in the early 90's, when I was in my early 20's.) I'm now 34 and still at it, and I plan to be STILL at it when I am 60! It's great to see how timeless these types of workouts are. I am also disappointed in the new Firms, esp. with these new tapes all requiring more cheap, plastic, gimick-y equipment! I LOVE the old wooden steps from days of yore--please sell them again, Anna! I just got around to staining my 14 in. step this past weekend. I use it ALL THE TIME! Not just for workouts--it's currently the side table to my wicker deck chair when not being used for it's intended purpose!

I figure I've spent a little less than $1500 on all my tapes (I have 38 between old Firms, WHFN, original Fitprimes and Tracie Long Training), weights, steps, med. balls, barbell and other equipment. It seemed like a lot when I totalled it up, but I use them everyday and have been for nearly 15 years! It's a worthwhile investment, esp. when I plan to use them until my chin is meeting my nose.
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