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Unread March 27th, 2010, 10:44 PM
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Post Brigham Women's health study

Hi. I heard last week that women needed to do an hour of physical activity every single day just to maintain their weight as they age. I heard it on a morning show, so it had to be true.

Since I'm just getting back into vigorous exercise, I've only been exercising 5 or 6 days a week depending on my knees and shoulders. This news bit had me in a panic. Was Vol 4 long enough? What about my new Crunch Time with Susan Harris?

I did quick google search, and found there's a lot about the study that didn't make it into the blip:
First all the women were 52 years are older at the beginning of the study.
  • Second, it was an hour of moderate exercise... like walking 3-4 miles per hour, gentle cycling and playing with the grandchildren.
  • All groups showed weight gain, an average of 5.5 every three years. (20 Questions got it right years ago!) But, the most active group, exercising for 420+ minutes a week, gained the least and had the highest percentage of women who gained less than 5 pound in 3 years, 13%.
  • One WebMD, Lee, the study lead, says that women who do more strenous exercise, like swimming or jogging only need 30 minutes per day.
  • Finally there's this nugget: "Among heavier women, physical activity - at least, within the levels that study participants undertook - was not related to less weight gain." This is from Brigham's press release. If I read this statement right, they could find no correlation between exercise and chances of weight gain if you were already overweight. Overweight being defined as having a BMI over 25.
I'm wondering if the study looked at weight training. So far, I've found nothing about weight training in the reports of the study, except vague mentions of maintaning muscle mass.

If anyone has any more information, I'd love to hear it. As a 43 year old, 20 pounds over weight, I'd really like to fix this problem now.
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Unread March 29th, 2010, 01:12 AM
annette b. annette b. is offline
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Default Re: Brigham Women's health study

I scanned that article, but whatever you have time for and what you enjoy are the best indicators for weight loss. I usually range from 45 minutes to 2 hours of working out, sometimes I"ll split it ups. For example, weighted workouts in the morning and cardio in the afternoon. And include yoga/ pliates/ functional fitness in my rotation.

I probably need to re-read that article but weight training is so important! I have re-read some of Anna's newsletters as well as her book, "Firm for Life" that weight training is a must. If one does straight cardio you can lose muscle as well.

So again weights and cardio along with a sensible diet is probably the best bet! Sorry to sound cliche!
"A Mentor is usually someone you know who helps you learn something about life, about yourself, or both."
Anna Benson (RIP 2009), "Firm For Life" p. 194
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