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Unread August 12th, 2005, 10:27 AM
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Thumbs down Modifications for "clam"ab work?

I started the Fitprime rotation last week and after 1 week, I was feeling great, and was feeling and seeing results, however the day after doing LBB, I threw my back out. Well, it has been healing all week and finally yesterday the pain ended so I did Metaboost.
Here is the problem, after doing this my back is hurting in the same spot it did this whole week. I have been very consious of my form and have held my abs in, kept bak flat or in neutral as called for, but I noticed during the clam potion oblique work, my lower back seems strained, so I gather this is what caused my back outage.
My questio is what can I do to modify this move and is it possible that in time as my spine and core get stronger, this will be a move I can do without hurting myself?
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Unread August 16th, 2005, 01:46 AM
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Default Re: Modifications for "clam"ab work?

Hi Kittygirl, the clam is a very tough exercise that works the entire core. Yes, as you build strength, it will become easier. I am not sure the exact position of this exercise based on memory, and I'm not at home to check. You could always do some oblique crunches or lower ab raises (knees in, laying on back) as a modification for now. Many of the other exercises in Metaboost and the other WHFNs will help you build your overall core strength, which will also help you in doing this exercise that is challenging for you.
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