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Unread April 25th, 2012, 09:12 AM
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Default Just Right Flex Posture

Volume 12 in the original FitPrime series of workouts is Just Right Flex Posture. It is an 40 minute workout and it features Anna Benson as the lead.
Pilates and Yoga are the principle disciplines used to give your body a thorough stretch and to work on your flexibility.
Many of the exercises use isometric holds. The workout also include balance work. I enjoyed the balance exercises the most.
I think of Flex Posture as a good stretch workout for the total body.
The workout is chapter and you can select the following chapter points:
Stick Tree
Sit Twist
Block Horse
Bow + Cat
Threads Plank
Nose to Knee

Anna uses the tall step, yoga blocks, yoga pillows and a dowel stick throughout the workout.
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