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Unread December 3rd, 2005, 12:48 PM
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Default Re: Where did The Firm go????

Wow, I'm one of the old timer's, too.... I still cringe when I think of what it took to pre-order, wait months for the darn thing. Then who knew when the next one would be offered..

I have tried to keep up with the new Firm, but let's face it; the old gal isn't what she used to be - although, I'm pretty proud that I've kept myself fit over the years. I do have a knee injury and some days, I just cannot use the 14" fanny lifter.

I found out about WHFN through a Low Carb forum and immeidately ordered the last Fit Prime series. I like them and use them, but still love my oldie Firm tapes.

I wonder if enough of us made enough noise, they would use US in the videos. There might be a grey hair here and there - but I can still keep up with the gals half my age. Right ladies??
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Unread December 4th, 2005, 06:50 AM
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Smile Re: Where did The Firm go????

Wow, what a nice welcome from everyone, especially my fellow oldtimers.
I assumed that since I wasn't receiving any mailings from The Firm that they no longer wanted business from us. How many others are out there who have loved The Firm from the very beginning but believe the workouts with the sparse sets are all that's out there. I'm so excited to know that the FitPrime and Kick Butt videos are available. There wasn't anything as motivating as knowing I had the next Firm video coming in the mail. I am getting ready to order so I'm reviewing all the workouts. I'd love to see Jayne Poteet again and I really like Heidi Tanner's style. This is fun!!! Ta, ta. Marilyn
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Unread May 26th, 2006, 09:05 PM
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Default Re: Where did The Firm go????

well, when I work out to a classic, vol 1-6, I wonder the same thing. I got hooked on the BSS1 and then found the classics by way of tough tape 2 and when I did vol 1 I saw how it had a whole bunch of cardio with the weight training and a lot of table work. where did that format go? I love C+S but I miss the table work. I wish they could go back to that format. and I wish someone else did that. Am I the only one?
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Unread June 6th, 2006, 03:37 AM
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Default Re: Where did The Firm go????

I just wanted to say that you women in your 50's and 60's inspire me! I, too, started using the Firm years ago (in the early 90's, when I was in my early 20's.) I'm now 34 and still at it, and I plan to be STILL at it when I am 60! It's great to see how timeless these types of workouts are. I am also disappointed in the new Firms, esp. with these new tapes all requiring more cheap, plastic, gimick-y equipment! I LOVE the old wooden steps from days of yore--please sell them again, Anna! I just got around to staining my 14 in. step this past weekend. I use it ALL THE TIME! Not just for workouts--it's currently the side table to my wicker deck chair when not being used for it's intended purpose!

I figure I've spent a little less than $1500 on all my tapes (I have 38 between old Firms, WHFN, original Fitprimes and Tracie Long Training), weights, steps, med. balls, barbell and other equipment. It seemed like a lot when I totalled it up, but I use them everyday and have been for nearly 15 years! It's a worthwhile investment, esp. when I plan to use them until my chin is meeting my nose.
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Unread June 18th, 2006, 03:53 AM
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Default Re: Where did The Firm go????

Hi there!
I've also been working out since 1984 and am 54 years young! Am a nurse in a very busy Trauma I level PACU(Recovery room) and all of my co-workers are shocked when they discover my age.Work out 3-4 days a week with the Fitprime/Kickbutt series and one of my friends has recently started these too as I had let her borrow a couple of mine.She's also in that age range and says she LOVES these! That's the beauty of these workouts.You can adjust the intensity and range of the workouts as much as you want to! I also try to add on a Pilates short workout after I do one of these.They definitely help to keep you young,healthy and active!
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Unread June 30th, 2006, 11:32 AM
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Default Re: Where did The Firm go????

When you really consider your $1500 investment in yourself, it really averages out to very little per year! How much cost would you have incurred if you weren't healthy and robust because of those videos and just a little effort a few times a week. How much would it have cost to buy you the confidence you have and what did that confidence give you in your life? I was medically diagnosed as totally disabled until I found the FIRM and I couldn't afford any of the systems even in 3 easy payments but I found some old videos in a thrift store and with an awful lot of hard work, I am the poster child for success in my doctor's office! I began to look at the money I spent as medicine. If all it cost you was $1500, you got away really cheap. Congratulations to you for keeping it up.
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