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Unread November 13th, 2012, 05:15 AM
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Post Do have all the workouts listed? oops forgot what part...

Gaiam Releases - 2008

* 500 Calorie Workout
Cardio Dance Fusion
*Get Chisel'd
*Power Half Hour
* Pump, Jump 'n Jab

Equipment Kits - 2008

*Cardio Core Fusion w/ Cardio Sculpting Balls
*Dangerous Curves Ahead w/ Resistance Loop
*Sculpt-ilates w/ Band
*Skills, Drills, and Thrills w/ Balance Trainer
*Slim and Trim w/ Power Ball
*Slim Without the Gym w/ Cardio-to-Go Equipment
* TransFIRM Your Trouble Zones w/ Kettlebell

Wave System - 2008

* Express Abs
* Ride the Wave
* Rock It Off
* Speed Slimming Sculpt

Wave System: Add-Ons - 2008

*Rock Solid Abs
Rock Solid Buns
* Rock Solid Cardio


Weighted gloves
Target Toning
FIRM Express set
Time Crunch Cardio
Cardio Dance Club
Flat Abs Solution

The following can be purchased at Fitness Favorites:

Originial FitPrime
Vol 1 / Weights First
* Vol 2 / Core First
* Vol 3 / Up and Down
* Vol 4 / Steamin' Cardio
* Vol 5 / From the Ground Up
* Vol 6 / Strong Bear
* Vol 7 / Fast Cheetah
* Vol 8 / Crunch Time
* Vol 9 / Floor Burn
* Vol 10 / Just Right Cardio
* Vol 11 / Just Right Weights
* Vol 12 / Just Right FlexPosture
* Vol 13 / G-Force

* Vol 14 / G-Force 2

Flex Posture
Upper Body Burn
Lower Body Burn


Strong Bear
Fast Cheetah
Floor Burn
Crunch Time
"A Mentor is usually someone you know who helps you learn something about life, about yourself, or both."
Anna Benson (RIP 2009), "Firm For Life" p. 194
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Unread November 14th, 2012, 03:58 AM
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Default Re: Do have all the workouts listed? oops forgot what part...

Thanks for the great list and all your hard work!!
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