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Unread February 16th, 2013, 12:15 AM
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Default Firm Basics 12 Minute Time Crunch Weights

Basically, this workout is Super Sculpting Lite. There are four 12-minute segments, two for lower body, two for upper body. If you are familiar with Super Sculpt, you will recognize the music and most of the moves. Listing them in the order they appear in Time Crunch, Carissa's lower body from SS is now led by Libby; Dale's upper body from SS is led by Janet Brooks; Nancy's lower body from SS is (strangely enough) led by Nancy; and Jen's upper body from SS is led by Summer Sparkman.

The moves are adapted to beginner/intermediate. For example, lunges that would have been done with a barbell in SS are done with a dowel in TC. Instead of the killer leg press sequence that Nancy leads in SS, she has you doing front leg extensions (for the quads) sitting on the tall box and bridgework on the floor using the tall box. When a barbell is used, it's unloaded. And moves from SS with heavy weights are done with lighter weights or no weights at all.

The warmups (2 minutes each) and cool-down/stretch (1 minute) are basically new material but will seem familiar if you've done the Cardio workouts like Power Cardio and Maximum Cardio. In fact, Janet has a "ball prep" move like Dale's in Power Cardio, but there's no ball. I always thought it was called ball prep because you have a ball, but now I think it means you're on the balls of your feet.

I don't think this workout is "too easy" ... it's just "easier." You could definitely heavy up and make it tougher, but in that case, you might just want to do Super Sculpting instead. I have done SS so many times I could do it in my sleep, and to me, it's obvious that Anna designed this workout using SS as her template. Or she had one design for a workout, and did TC as the easier version and SS as the harder. Whatever.

One thing that really struck me was Janet's section where she did the lower body crunches holding the dowel behind her knees. I never realized how much tougher that makes a crunch. I guess when I do them, my legs just naturally pull up to make the move easier. When you have to grip the dowel behind your knees to keep it from falling out, it definitely works the abs more.

And, yes, I liked all the instructors in this. Summer sure has a great set of abs!
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Unread February 18th, 2013, 06:47 AM
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Default Re: Firm Basics 12 Minute Time Crunch Weights

thanks Hilary for posting!!!
"A Mentor is usually someone you know who helps you learn something about life, about yourself, or both."
Anna Benson (RIP 2009), "Firm For Life" p. 194
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